Dingsin R&D Center, Taichung


Facts and Figures

Site area/13,073 sqm
Floor Area/65,278 sqm 
Building Height/49.8 m
Floors/12 Floors (above ground); 2 Floors (below ground)
Program/Office, R&D center


Located in Taichung Software Park. In order to promote the development of the software industry in the central region, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, e-sports, information communication and cultural and creative industries are introduced to settle in Taichung and Dali. The core of the community life circle.

The park upholds the spirit of production, life and ecology. Public facilities such as parks and green spaces are complete and complete. The R&D center plans to leave entrances and squares around the base to connect the regional circulation system and sky terrace greening. Keep the existing wooden houses, ancient trees and other humanistic elements, and build a technological, artistic, and pleasant urban environment.