Ruentex Urban Renewal , Taipei

Facts and Figures

Site Area/2,041 sqm
Floor Area/13,193 sqm 
Building Height/45.5 m
Floors/12 Floors (above ground); 4 Floors (below ground)
Program/116 apartments


The project is planned as an L-shaped layout, and the corners are all open spaces that serve the community and neighborhood. The pedestrian space on both sides of the road is retracted to 6 meters to strengthen the interaction between the communities and blocks on both sides. The entrance and exit of the residence are located on Xin’an Street, with green public open spaces planned around. The location of the original police station is retained on the side of Jiaxing Street, retaining the original appearance of the land. In order to avoid blocking the connection between Jiaxing Street and Xin’an Street and affecting community activities, a connecting trail is planned on the north side of the base to further enhance the surrounding commercial atmosphere.