Walsin Center master plan, Nanjing

cooperated with Altoon+Porter

Facts and Figures

Location/Nanjing City
Site Area/165,763 sqm
Floor Area/1,009,624 sqm
Program/Office,  mall , housing/
The 58th floor of the T1 office building is 274 m high. The height of the 7th floor of the shopping mall is 36 m/
T2 office building 65 floor height 315 m/
T3 office building 22 floors high 98.4 m/
T4 office building 22 floors high 98.4 m/
T6 office building, 12 floors, 64.5 m high/
C1 office building and group building shopping mall 18 floors 75.4 m high/
C2 high-end residential area with 18 floors and 59.2 m in height/
The 18th floor of D residential area is 56.4 m high/